Catherine Pfent

 It is great working with Andrea because she is low-pressure but still very professional. She's perfect for someone busy like me because I can use email/text/facebook to communicate. I've referred her to friends and they have been happy using Andrea as a realtor too.

Jackie Pacha

Can we get 10+ stars? Super communicator -- always looking out for the client! Andrea is the only one we will ever use!

Bill & Pam Reed

 Andrea is very polite, assertive, responsible, professional and prompt with her correspondence. I was very pleased with her willingness to help me get the needed repairs done on our real estate property as we lived out of town. She found me painters and other handymen and was the middle man to make it all happen. When I contacted her wondering the progress of local interest, she was quick and efficient to respond. She followed up on all the leads and told us about them! I would certainly refer her to anyone needing an agent to buy or sell any property.

Laurah Hawkins

 Andrea is a very forward thinking, business professional. She has gone out of her way time after time to make sure her clients are not just happy, but very well taken care of. She treats her clients a step further than the average realtor by caring for their needs even after the contract is closed. I highly would advise anyone to work with her.

Teri Nelson

 Andrea has been a delight to work with. I can recommend her as someone who is hard working and trustworthy! She did a good job with the property I had listed with her.

Jim & Susan Miculka

 Very laid back and not pushy. Easy to sort through homes and patient. Quick to focus on what the client is looking for as to specific features in a home and avoided a lot of wasted time. Did not inject or influence herself into any particular features of homes and trying to push them off onto a client. Only provided advice when asked about a specific house.

Rusty & Joyce Carter

 Andrea is a great Realtor. If we contacted her she was fast to respond and answered every question we gave her. She was always professional and on time to every appointment set. She found us many houses in our price range and gave suggestions to help us really figure out what we wanted and needed. She found the perfect house for us that was well within our price range. When we had issues at inspection she went the extra miles to make sure everything was taken care of before closing. We have recommended her to others and will continue to recommend her to people we know in the Bryan/College Station area.

Katie & Tracy James

 Andrea helped us in both selling our home and building our new home at the same time. Her responsiveness was superb and helped us in calming all our nerves through the process.

David & Deborah Samples

 Andrea worked patiently and persistently as we viewed an untold number of properties in our search for an ideal house over a relatively short amount of time. Her dedication and professionalism never wavered even after we made an offer one a location, went through physical inspections followed by pricing negotiations with the owners, only to discover hidden faults and problems causing us to back out of that deal. Her knowledge of the area and encouragement to keep looking resulted in our finding a much better property shortly thereafter. Andrea's charming personality, industry savvy, purposeful determination and local knowledge provide her clients with a competent, efficient agent worthy of their trust and confidence.

Rodney Harris

 I began my home search late in 2010 and had to suspend the process twice for various reasons. Andrea continued to stay in touch with me and was always accessible once I resumed my search. Andrea was very patient and extremely helpful throughout the entire process. I was initially anxious when I started to actively begin my home purchase but Andrea made the process very easy and I am grateful for all of the help she provided.

Pam Melton

 Andrea was excellent in selecting properties that matched what I was looking for. I received daily updates letting me know what had come on the market over night which kept me on top of what was available.

Kerri Crocker & Damien Garza

 Andrea helped us find the perfect home after only two trips out (and a home I hadn't even found in my own searches). She also helped the process move along quickly and efficiently and was always available to answer questions (I had a lot). She setup all our inspections, referred an awesome lender, and made the process as easy as possible.

Barb & Darcey Morcombe

 Andrea was very helpful in finding us our perfect home. She didn't mind that we wanted to look at every home in College Station before falling in love with the home we chose. Andrea is very professional and a kind hearted person. I will recommend Andrea in a heart beat.

Josh & Priscilla Noe

 My wife and I were very very picky, and we would look and stop, look and stop over the course of a year. But every time we called Andrea, she had no problem showing us any of the houses we wanted. She would always come with extra ones to show us and never rushed us. She always answered any question and concern we could come up with and had very good suggestions. She took a lot of time researching home owner associations as we wanted to make sure that we didn't end up in one that wasn't to our taste. She is very laid back and makes the whole process as easy as it could possibly be. She also used good judgment in recommendations for all the necessary extras in the home buying hoops and we really appreciated everything she did for us. We definitely got the right house for us, and we hope that if we ever decide to sell and start the whole thing over again, she is still in BCS.

Eric Capps

I've known Andrea for a very long time. She has always been one of the most thoughtful and personable people I have ever known. Her character and commitment is always on display in everything that she does. If I was ever to buy a home, I'd know that I was in the best hands and there would be no one else I would go to. Don't take my word for it, though. Give her a shot and I guarantee you will come away impressed and with all of your expectations met.

Kevin & Maria Brashear

We began our journey in search of a new home on our own. Being relatively new to the area we drove around in an attempt to spot as many homes with for sale signs and then look them up on the different realtor sites.Our journey took a positive turn when in response to one of our inquiries we received a call from a pleasant voice asking if she could help us in setting up a viewing of a particular home. Although this house wasn't the fit we were looking for it did provide us with the good fortune of meeting Andrea and allowed us to welcome her to our journey. Andrea was very thorough, responsive and receptive to our questions. She always listening to our wants, needs, likes and dislikes and digested them quickly returning with house listings. Over the weeks we toured so many properties our heads were spinning. Andrea helped us to narrow down the available listings to a final "short list" and on to what we believed was "the one". Unfortunately, after going through inspections it appeared the first house we chose wasn't quite the right fit with a list of items that would require time and money to remedy problems shortly after moving in. Undiscouraged we continued our journey with Andrea's help and came upon the second house with a purchase price and amenities that seemed almost too good to be true. Well, you know what they say, again after going through the inspection process the house needed repairs and the seller wasn't wiling to make any accommodation, which was quite flustering.After discussing our options we decided to change the path of our journey, making it an adventure to start from scratch and build our dream home. Andrea was quick to switch gears and take on our new challange. She began by setting up meetings with several area builders. After interviewing builders to see what they had to offer and weighing all our options we decided to build with Heath Townsend Custom Homes. Andrea's diligence and attention didn't end at helping us in finding a builder. She stayed in contact with us throughout the entire building process and assisted us working with the builder all the way through the final punch list and into closing. Andrea's pleasent personality, professional knowledge of the real estate market and local area coupled with her attention to detail made the house hunting process, which can be very stressful into a great adventure. We would strongly recommend Andrea for any of your real estate needs.

Patty & Thomas Rudkin

Andrea was always available when needed and prompt to answer my calls or emails; she was a delight to work with. Andrea Peters will be a valuable help in the real estate field and we are certain she will perform to her best.